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Keeping Self and Soul Whole Through Divorce

You’re bumping along and life is pretty good. Well, ok anyway. The relationship could be better but you figure it’s just one of those times that couples go through. You’ll wade through this patch and things will get better… But they don’t… And then it’s over. Your partner has asked you for a divorce, says […]

Broken Glasses

Last Sunday I broke my glasses…in fact I broke TWO pairs of glasses on the same day. It made me stop and think. You see, to me everything that happens is in ‘code’. It means something deeper than at first glance. Well, glasses are there to help us see clearer. Hmmmm…so, what is it that […]

Losing Weight- Forward Thinking

Let’s face it – you don’t want to lose weight. You want the weight to be gone!! Really, who wants to even think about the journey??? But success lies in looking to – and investing your emotion in – the future as you move through the present. Here’s the problem – we get stuck thinking […]

Meet Your Constant Companion…

TODAY I’M INTRODUCING YOU TO SOMEONE WHO IS VERY CLOSE TO YOU, A CONSTANT COMPANION IN FACT, AND YOU MAY NOT BE VERY AWARE OF THEIR PRESENCE IN YOUR LIFE AT ALL! Meet your subconscious mind. Believe it or not it rules over 93% of your daily activities! (And you thought YOU were in charge!!) […]

For The New Year

Happy New Year! Breathe, take each day one at a time and know that you are capable of all that you dream. Be bold! Wishing you clarity, love and immeasurable gifts, now and always. Robin Robin Roberts, CH The Clarity Guide Robin Roberts, CH The Clarity Guide Robin Roberts, CH, CHC The Clarity Guide Two […]