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Broken Glasses

Last Sunday I broke my glasses…in fact I broke TWO pairs of glasses on the same day.

It made me stop and think.

You see, to me everything that happens is in ‘code’. It means something deeper than at first glance.

Well, glasses are there to help us see clearer. Hmmmm…so, what is it that I didn’t want to see more clearly last Sunday?

Did I mention that it was just as I was beginning a class on prosperity? Yep, for two hours the FOCUS would be on prosperity and how to be more prosperous in the world. Not just financially, although that’s a biggie, but also in relationships, work and health.

You might say to me, “Of course you wanted to see what that was all about – you signed up for it!”

True, but how often do we sign up for things (new diet, workout, club) and then end up stepping back? Perhaps we are fearing what might be in store for us as a result? And not even consciously, you understand, but subconsciously. If we stopped to look we might find that ‘losing interest’ in that class (book/diet/etc) was a way of putting off moving deeper into it and confronting some beliefs – and therefore habits – that we might want to change!

What did I do? I went to the class anyway and worked through the discomfort of not having glasses – actually realized that I didn’t need them for the work we were doing that day.

Here’s the deal – be kind to yourself. Go forward anyway and instead of getting to the water’s edge and backing off, at least stick in a toe! After all, you might like it. It may not be anything like what you were – consciously or unconsciously – worried about!

By the way – on the way home I stopped off and bought some new readers. And guess what? They had a pack with SEVEN pairs in it! Not only am I seeing more clearly, but I am seeing more clearly EVERY DAY!

Peace and blessings!


PS – If you have a story to share, chime in!

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