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Losing Weight- Forward Thinking

Let’s face it – you don’t want to lose weight. You want the weight to be gone!!

Really, who wants to even think about the journey???

But success lies in looking to – and investing your emotion in – the future as you move through the present.

Here’s the problem – we get stuck thinking what we’ll face along the path instead of investing that energy in our desired goal. We tend to see all the yuck along the way (deprivation, denial, the battle) and not in affirming how great we will feel those many pounds slimmer; how terrific that outfit will look; the looks that others will give you when they are amazed at your success; and on and on…

But your mind is a powerful tool. It will look where you direct it to look.

Think about it this way – when you learned to drive a car you had to really focus and concentrate on how to manage the vehicle. You weren’t very good at looking down the road, were you? And because of that you veered right or left, or perhaps had to stop short because you hadn’t noticed the slowing of the cars in front of you. You got caught up in the immediate details.

As you became more practiced though, you found yourself looking ahead on the road. You were no longer focusing on where you were at an exact moment but on what was ahead of you, where you were bound and how to meet upcoming conditions successfully.

Creating health and physical attractiveness in your body requires similar practice. First you must learn the right ways to treat your body (often we know but do not do,) then you must act on that knowledge (practice). The more you do these actions, the more second nature they become. Then you find yourself looking ahead and choosing strategies to successfully navigate the future – to keep ‘on the road’ to health and looking great.

So, look to the future. Visualize HOW you want to look, WHAT you want to weigh, WHICH terrific outfit you will ‘debut’ your new shape in! The clearer you make the picture, the easier your journey will be!

Here’s to an awesome you!!


Robin Roberts, CH, The Clarity Guide, has been working with people for over seven years using tools such as Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming, and Emotional Freedom Technique, to assist people in making the changes they truly desire. She has helped hundreds of people achieve all sorts of goals (dropping weight, stopping smoking, changing careers, sleeping better to name but a few.) Clients learn techniques for integrating life changes with minimal distress. Click here to read reviews of her work or visit

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